Pet Boutique

 For big dogs, little dogs & cats this luxury pet boutique offers unique pet accessories that you won’t find anywhere else. Perrysburg Pet Lodge &  Spa strives to give a high end boutique experience with some of the funniest & cutest affordable pet accessories in the market. While your dog enjoys the delights of our pet spa, you can browse our boutique. You’ll find the finest selection of doggy mats, blankets, carriers, collars, leashes and harnesses; bowls and feeders, and of course all the most fashionable duds for Perrysburg's well-dressed dog.

The pet boutique at Perrysburg Pet Lodge & Spa also caters to your dog’s more practical needs. We have a section devoted to your dog’s health and beauty necessities. When your pup is feeling playful, we have a delightful selection of pet toys. And don’t forget the treats! The Perrysburg Pet Lodge & Spa have a taste-tempting assortment of treats that will make your dog woof with joy.