Cat Boarding

  Our state-of-the-art lodge-style boarding facility

We offer a warm boarding environment and high-quality amenities that deliver the ultimate in comfort and fun. Our dedicated, professional staff is ready to pamper your pets throughout their stay, providing them with everything they need for an enjoyable and relaxing vacation. To us, your pet is part of our family. 

Cats may seem quite independent, but we know they also love to be pampered! All of our cat boarding guests receive comforting bedding in their own special Kitty Condos in a dog-free section of our pet boarding facility, for a safe and truly relaxing personal environment.



Kitty Condos feature a private bathroom area on the lower level, raised perches, cat toys (crinkle balls, fake mice, balls with bells or feather danglers your cat's choice) and a comfy fleece bedding.  Each boarding guest receives a high quality nutritious meal, room service twice daily, individual play time outside of their condos in our suite, and a soothing blend of music playing 24 hours a day ( including a special nighttime playlist designed to be calming to pets).



Exercise & Play for Cats

Our feline guests enjoy daily exercise on their own in our cat suite area. The suite area features tall climbing trees, dangle toys, crinkle balls and balls with bells, scratching posts, and perches for surveying the cat suite area. 




$22/night (per cat)

$26/night ( medical administration included)


For all feline guests:

Proof of current Rabies, and FVRCP Vaccinations.

All vaccinations must be current prior to boarding.