Dog Daycare

Our dog daycare play rooms are supervised by our trained staff members so that your pet can have a safe place to socialize, exercise, and expend energy. We have dedicated play rooms to accommodate different sized guests with different temperaments. We provide your pet with a safe, clean and fun environment that will remind your best friend of being at home.

Doggy Daycare is a great way for your pet to get exercise and remain socialized. Owners no longer need to worry that a dog is lonely or unattended at home while their owner is away. During a day of doggy daycare at Perrysburg Pet Lodge & Spa, your pet will meet familiar friends and make new ones on a regular basis. The companionship you provide your dog at home is reflected by our Daycare staff. We get to know your pets on a first-name basis, and make sure to fill you in on all the activities of the day. 


Daycare Amenities

* Play rooms our equipped with elevated cots, toys, flat screen televisions, & climbing equipment. 

* Dedicated play rooms to accommodate different sized guests.

* Dogs enjoy supervised, off leash daycare & time outside in our fenced-in playground.

outdoor play.JPG

Our play yard

  • Provides activities for dogs regardless of ability or skill level
  • Promotes physical activity, confidence level, and healthy play behavior
  • Allows dogs to master skills such as climbing, balance, jumping, crawling, and more
  • Provides a healthy outdoor environment that encourages bonding between dog and dog owner
  • A boost to the immune system and helps develop healthy bones
  • Being outdoors means breathing fresh air and allowing for greater oxygenation of the blood
  • Provides for a greater workout due to changes in terrain, temperature, environment etc


$22 Full day

 $17 1/2 day (6 hrs)

$12 1/4 day (4 hrs)

We require all guests to complete an evaluation prior to entering our dog daycare program. This evaluation will determine whether your pet is safe to play with other dogs and members of our staff.

 For all canine guests:

*Proof of current DHPPv/DHPP2v (yearly), Rabies, and Bordetella (yearly).

*All vaccinations must be current prior to Doggy Daycare.